Bidoun Library Cyprus, 2013. Courtesy the Point Centre for Contemporary Art

      Point Centre for Contemporary Art
      December 15, 2012–February 15, 2013

      At the Point Centre, the Bidoun Library presented an array of publications pertaining to espionage, state-sponsored publishing, and the periodical propaganda of the Cultural Cold War. Site-specifically, the Bidoun Library Cyprus considered the 1970s — a pivotal decade in Cypriot history, marked by division of the country after [the Turkish invasion in] 1974 — through printed matter concerning the life and death of Youssef El-Sebai, the Egyptian writer, administrator, and Pan-Arabist. Sebai was the editor of the influential internationalist journal Lotus and General Secretary of the Soviet-sponsored Afro-Asian Writers’ Bureau.

      Youssef El-Sebai was assassinated in the gift shop of the Nicosia Hilton Hotel during an Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization meeting on February 18, 1978.

      Point Centre for Contemporary Art
      Megaron Hadjisavva
      2, Evagorou Street
      1057, Nicosia, Cyprus