Forms of Compensation

      Abdulrahim Abdulkarim, Shirana Shahbazi, from the series Flowers, Fruits & Portraits [Still Life-212007], 2010

      Forms of Compensation was a series of twenty-one reproductions of modern and contemporary artworks — from a Dan Flavin neon to a Walead Beshty Fed Ex mash-up to a series of gilded furniture pieces by Farhad Moshiri — with an emphasis on sculpture, painting, and prints by Arab and Iranian artists. The work was produced in Cairo by odd-jobbers in the mekanikki neighborhood of Cairo, which is also home to the Townhouse Gallery. Armed with installation shots of the original artworks, the artists were tasked with creating faithful replicas, with the added instruction that the final products should each differ in one small way from their models. Despite their low-fi fabrication, these “forgeries” did not simply reinforce a critique of high culture or globalized art production. The new works were surprising: uncanny, often funny, and highly ambiguous: more clones than twins. The Cairo artists produced two of each artwork, shown concurrently at Art Dubai and the Townhouse Gallery.

      Forms of Compensation was commissioned by Bidoun’s Creative Director Babak Radboy and overseen by artist Ayman Ramadan.

      Art Dubai, March 16-20, 2010 Townhouse Gallery, March 23-April 14, 2010

      Ayman Ramadan, Burhan Dogancay, Rings (Wall sculpture series), 2010
      Gouda Mohamed Gouda, Farhad Moshiri, Living Room Ultra Mega X, 2010
      Ibraim Saad, Andy Warhol, Dollar Sign, 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Walead Beshty, Untitled Fed-Ex Box, 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Saadane Afif, Untitled (Everyday, 2004-2006 / Found exhibition furniture, paint, local newspaper), 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Hassan Sharif, Spoons and Cable, 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Saadane Afif, Essence, 2010
      Gouda Mohamed Gouda, Donald Judd, Untitled (Meter Box), 2010
      Abdulrahim Abdulkarim, Gerhard Richter, Untitled, 2010
      Abdulrahim Abdulkarim, Parviz Tanavoli, Heech Lovers, 2010
      Ibraim Saad, Tala Madani, Dirty Stars, 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Shadi Ghadirian, From the White Squares series, 2010
      Ayman Ramadan, Adel Abdessemed, Soccer Ball, 2010
      Gouda Mohamed Gouda, Dan Flavin, Untitled (to SA lovingly), 2010
      Magdi for International Housing and Shop Signs, Mona Hatoum, Waiting Is Forbidden, 2010