Selected Press

The Times Literary Supplement

“Diaphanous, Diasporal We,” by Yasmine Seale, October 2019

The New York Times

“A Theatrical Wunderkind, Gone Too Soon, Gets a Museum Show,” by Negar Azimi, Richard Foreman, and Peter Sellars, June 2018

“Bidoun, an Influential Magazine of the Middle East, Extends Its Reach,” by Rachel Donadio, December 2015

The New Yorker

“The Aural Dissonance of Reza Abdoh,” By Hilton Als, June 2018

“Bidoun Goes to Egypt,” by Stacey Mickelbart, October 2011


“Loosed Threads,” Jennifer Krasinski on The Art of Reza Abdoh, October 2018


“Reza Abdoh’s Theatre of the Absurd,” By Stanton Taylor, April 2019


Reza Abdoh’s Cultural Compost: Negar Azimi and Tiffany Malakooti Interviewed by Sohrab Mohebbi, August 2018


Interview with Bidoun, by Myriam Ben Salah, June 2016

The New York Post

“Artists’ odd personal items up for grabs at Frieze,” by Ian Mohr, May 2015

Swedish TV

Babak Radboy interview on the dangers of culture-making, December 11, 2011


“Tut to the Chase,” by Anna Della Subin, November 2011

“Arabian Night,” by Sophia Al-Maria, April 2010

“Pure Product,” by Binyavanga Wainana, June 2007

Paris Review

Staff Picks, Robyn Creswell, October 2011

London Review of Books

“At the Serpentine” by Yasmine El Rashidi, September 2011


The Bidoun Library on CNN’s “Inside the Middle East,” September 12, 2011

Al Jazeera

The Bidoun Library featured in “London art festival questions Arab identity,” August 7, 2011

PBS Frontline

“Book Smart: The Bidoun Library Project” by Dan Geist, September 2010