The quarterly magazine Bidoun has been countering stereotypes of Arabs with its witty, lucid articles since 2004. The publication continues its mission with this engrossing library-in-a-museum… One could spend hours browsing the results, which offer a glimpse of how the West has alternately romanticized and fomented fears of the Middle East… Pop-culture fare is balanced by highbrow political journals, charming children’s books, and kitschy girlie magazines, written in Arabic.
The New Yorker

I always look forward to reading Bidoun. There’s always something lovely and strange in this incredible journal of art and life and letters
— Orhan Pamuk
Nobel Prize laureate

Bidoun is a great toolbox for the 21st century. Bidoun is encyclopedic. Bidoun goes beyond the fear of pooling knowledge. Bidoun is energy. Bidoun is a protest against forgetting. Bidoun is a polyphony of urgent voices. Bidoun is Bidoun.
— Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects, Serpentine Gallery

Bidoun emerged at just the right time as the world looked at the Middle East through the singular lens of failure. The magazine is smart and irreverent in all the right ways.
— Ahdaf Soueif
Booker Prize nominee

Bidoun’s editorial voice might be described as a combination of Artforum and Harper’s, its audience comprising artists, academics, and intellectually curious readers who enjoy a magazine that manages to dissect Edward Said and Michael Jackson in the same issue.
Print magazine