For ten years a magazine called Bidoun appeared roughly every once in a while, sometimes four times a year, all over the world, almost never in the same shop twice…


Bidoun #25 in Arabic

This issue of Bidoun was assembled in Cairo between March and April of 2011. It remains, if nothing else, a true record of an uncertainty — so rare that even those who experienced it can hardly imagine it today.

We’re making this Arabic-language version available more than five years later. We had originally hoped to launch it in Egypt, but the moment wasn’t right. We’re still waiting.

هذا العدد من “بدون” تم تجميعه فى القاهرة خلال شهرى مارس وأبريل 2011. صدرت النسخة العربية من هذه المجلة التى تراها الآن فى 2015، أى بعدها بحوالى أربع سنوات. وهى تظل، على أقل تقدير، تسجيلا صادقا لحالة من عدم اليقين – حالة نادرة لدرجة أن من عايشوها حينئذ لا يمكنهم تخيلها الآن. واليوم، بعد مرور خمس سنوات من تلك الأحداث، تمكنّا من إصدار هذه النسخة العربية. وقد كنا نأمل أن نقوم بتدشين تلك النسخة فى مصر، ولكن الظروف لا تبدو مؤاتية. وما زلنا نعايش نفس أجواء الترقب والانتظار.

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Have Pamphlet, Will Travel: Mid-list authors pushing not-so-recently published books

An informal circuit of poets, essayists, explorers, magicians, and gurus, as well as reams of flyers, posters, and pamphlets produced to promote them.

The Family That Revolts Together: The Seif Family

In the storied lexicon of Egyptian dynasties, the curly-haired Seifs of Cairo must qualify as one.

The Pearl Cannon

The barren and the impotent, the debutante and the bachelor, the spinster and the wench — all gathered around the miraculous cannon on Charshanbe Soori.

Group Material: A History of Irritated Material

The late Félix González-Torres used to call Group Material (GM), the New York–based artist-activist collective of which he was a core member for some time, “the best-kept secret in the art world.

Sweet Sixteen

The first time I ever saw a giraffe was at Khaled’s house. He had gotten one for his birthday, along with a snow leopard that I was told was bordering on extinction and some kind of monkey that wouldn’t stop screaming.