For ten years a magazine called Bidoun appeared roughly every once in a while, sometimes four times a year, all over the world, almost never in the same shop twice…


Bidoun #25 in Arabic

This issue of Bidoun was assembled in Cairo between March and April of 2011. It remains, if nothing else, a true record of an uncertainty — so rare that even those who experienced it can hardly imagine it today.

We’re making this Arabic-language version available more than five years later. We had originally hoped to launch it in Egypt, but the moment wasn’t right. We’re still waiting.

هذا العدد من “بدون” تم تجميعه فى القاهرة خلال شهرى مارس وأبريل 2011. صدرت النسخة العربية من هذه المجلة التى تراها الآن فى 2015، أى بعدها بحوالى أربع سنوات. وهى تظل، على أقل تقدير، تسجيلا صادقا لحالة من عدم اليقين – حالة نادرة لدرجة أن من عايشوها حينئذ لا يمكنهم تخيلها الآن. واليوم، بعد مرور خمس سنوات من تلك الأحداث، تمكنّا من إصدار هذه النسخة العربية. وقد كنا نأمل أن نقوم بتدشين تلك النسخة فى مصر، ولكن الظروف لا تبدو مؤاتية. وما زلنا نعايش نفس أجواء الترقب والانتظار.

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Slogans Are Walls That Prevent Misunderstanding: 2/5 BZ, aka Serhat Köksal

It’s 4 AM and Serhat Köksal and I are standing in a bar off Istiklal in downtown Istanbul. In the background, or rather in the foreground, is a petrifying trip hop remix of “Riders on the Storm.”

H. Musavi Khamenei

If the Western artist speaks of domination over material, technique, and space in his work, like a hiker on top of a mountain, in the art of the East it is exploration, intimacy, growth and expansion, and unification with the world that we see and live in.

Kingdom of the Dolls: In Desert Hot Springs, the history of civilization in miniature

The wheels on Napoleon’s coach were made from ice cream container lids, and its hubcaps were champagne corks.

The Future Takes Forever: Becoming FM-2030

“If it is natural to die then the hell with nature. Why submit to its tyranny? We must rise above nature. We must refuse to die.”

Santé Cigarette Box

The woman on the box had tinted blonde hair that is unlike but also like so many Greek blonde women.