For ten years a magazine called Bidoun appeared roughly every once in a while, sometimes four times a year, all over the world, almost never in the same shop twice…


Bidoun Presents: 127 Live in NYC!

Founded in 2001 by a motley group of Tehran-based artists (including Bidoun contributing editor Sohrab Mohebbi), 127 quickly found itself at the vanguard of a progressive cultural moment in Iran. Their music melds Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sensibility, and features vocals in both Farsi and English. Part of the early 2000s Iranian rock revival, 127 were more irreverent, more playful, and more performative than their peers. Today, 127 members are dispersed between Tehran, New York, and Los Angeles and despite not having released or performed in years, they continue to yield a heavy influence in Iran and beyond. Join us at Le Poisson Rouge on May 6: Nadaareh nadaareh nadaareh!

127 in concert w/ The Casualty Process

Friday, May 6, 2016
6pm doors
7pm The Casualty Process
8pm 127
$25 General Admission
(le) poisson rouge
158 bleecker street, New York

James Thornett: Sake bombs over Baghdad

James Thornett established the Baghdad Country Club in the Green Zone in 2004.

Destiny for Dinner

The most interesting fortune-teller I ever met was a lapsed Jesuit who converted to Islam and who didn’t, strictly speaking, tell fortunes but rather enumerated one’s “masks.”

Responding to War: …while waiting for a work by Steve McQueen

Four weeks after US President George W. Bush had declared major combat in Iraq to be over, British artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen, winner of the 1999 Turner prize, was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to “create a work in response to the war in Iraq”…

Armen Eloyan: Anarmeniacs

“Putting together a good painting is like putting together a good joke.”

Mohamed Soueid

Like a detective or therapist, he waits, listens, and takes his time.